Finding You’re Not Alone

10 11 2010

Same book, chapter two

*~*Finding You’re Not Alone*~*

“Maybe our pain is the consequence of a choice we have made.  Or perhaps our suffering is simply the result of being human and going through the difficulties that are a natural part of mortality.  Whatever the challenge, there are many of us who feel alone in our pain.”

“We often feel that we are the only person in the world to have such experiences, pain, thoughts, fears, and challenges. One of the big problems about making assumptions about ourselves and others is that it can lead to feelings of isolation.  and feelings of isolation can lead to negative feelings toward ourselves.”

“How much energy do we waste, assuming others are thinking ill of us?  And how much better off could we be if we channeled that energy into something positive!”

“There are many wonderful people who are ready to lend a listening ear, open a compassionate heart, and extend supportive, caring arms.  It can be downright scary to share of ourselves, and we often feel vulnerable to the judgments of others.  But there is real power in sharing and in feeling the support of other people.”

“God does notice us, and he watches over us.  But it is usually though another mortal that he meets our needs…So often, our acts of service consist of simple encouragement.”



Finding the Angel Within

10 11 2010

This is a book I bought yesterday from Deseret Book.  It was only $1.99 so why not see what I can learn from it.

Last night I read chapter one

~*~Finding the Angel Within~*~

“I have also learned that if we are able to hear the divinely inspired messages about our wonderful mortal bodies, we can find a serenity and peace that elude those who are caught up in the world’s obsessions with the so-called ideal body.”

“We are never going to have what the world defines as an ideal body.  Most of us would have to give up so much in other areas of our lives to achieve the ideal appearance that our lives would quite literally fall apart.  That isn’t to say we shouldn’t spend time and effort to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  There are aspects of our appearance that we can and should seek to change, and much of the information we receive from knowledgeable sources in the world can be helpful in this regard.  But if we pay attention only to what the world says, not pausing to stop and listen to the still small whisperings of the Spirit or ignoring the revealed truth about our eternal selves, we can eaasily get distracted by an impractical and futile quest.  Focusing on worldly achievements and acceptance has never been the way to true happiness, and obsessive discontent with our physical appearance can lead to unhappiness if not despair.”

“There is an important middle ground between simply bucking up and wallowing in hopelessness.  I call this middle ground the season of “tender care”– A time when we are able to heal by taking a health dose of love and patience for ourselves.”

“Most eventually come to a realization that the best way to put the trial behind them is to allow themselves a measure of tender care.  People tend to find a surprising inner strength to forge ahead when they learn to embrace a sense of love and patience for themselves.”

“It is easy to listen to the messages of the world when we feel beaten down by life’s challenges.  Some of those rememdies may sound inviting.  Ironically it is during those times that we most need to be listening to our Fath in Heaven’s messages about these wonderful human bodies we have.”

“Certainly if President Hinckley makes time for scripture reading as well as exercise, we ought to as well!”

“It takes effort and courage to set that time aside.  We may feel as though we are being selfish.  But wouldn’t we encourage others to efficiently care for themselves?  Why should we show love and tender care of others and yet not for ourselves?  It makes so much sense to do so.”


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