Busy Weekend

5 12 2010

Dude, why is life so stressful sometimes.  but here we go,


  • opened at work 9:30-1:00
  • supposed to have a group project meeting but was canceled.
  • a friend was having a rough day so we went to eat at Olive Garden.  (I had a gift card from my birthday.)
  • That friend came over to do homework with me, but we ended up talking more.
  • Actually did homework.
  • Apartment 316 had a mocktail party.  All of the drinks were non-alcoholic, but I had a pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, butterbear, and another strawberry lime thing.
  • Another friend texted me and really needed me right then so I dropped everything to go over to her place and just love her.
  • Went to bed.


  • Christina, Jackie, and I all went to Holly’s basketball game.  We won.  The next game is Tuesday evening.
  • Just a few minutes after getting home, Allison, an old roommate of mine, texted me to ask if I could line judge her volleyball game.  They had 2 games.  The first we won, the second we lost.  Because they aren’t allowed to wear jewelry during play, I got to wear a wedding ring.
  • Took a nap because I was really tired.
  • Work 4:30-9:00.  It was a really busy day so it was fun.  Slowed down a lot by the end though.
  • Eimi and I went to get groceries.
  • Nate called and asked to watch Just Visiting with me, so we did that and chatted a bit.
  • baked some cookies


  • I was tempted to wake up early and curl my hair.  However, I decided sleep was more important.
  • Went to church.  I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting.
  • I was asked to go into work for a few hours and clean.  Our regional manager is coming in to visit so we had some cleaning to do.  Fun stuff.
  • Break the Fast.  (for those not mormon, it was pretty much dinner with church people)
  • Watched the Christmas devotional.  I did homework while listening.
  • attempting to do homework.  I did finish the powerpoint for a presentation tomorrow, complete with a video clip.

I still need to get stuff done and finals are in about a week so it means a lot of studying.  arg.  I’m ready to be done.




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