Ransom Notes

14 12 2010

Oh goodness, we have had some fun around here.

On Sunday, I was sitting with a boy in Sacrament Meeting (I’m not explaining that quite yet.  I don’t know what is going on entirely).  After Sacrament Meeting, Nate kidnapped me and had me go to Sunday School with him.  I ended up stealing his scriptures.  He knew I had them.  He still had the case, I just had the scriptures.  He never came to get them that day.  My guess is that he figured I would just give them back.  Forget that.  That night I wrote him a ransom note.  It said…

Dear Nate, if you ever want to see your scriptures again call ###-###-#### at 7:00 pm to negotiate terms.  From Evil Bird.

He called us exactly at 7:00 and he asked what we were asking of him for the ransom.  We asked what he was willing to give us and he said that conform to our terms.  That is kinda dangerous.  But we ended up telling him that he was going to write me a poem, 5 verses long, it has to be satisfactory to my roommates, he must read it outloud with feeling, and it must be done before he gets the scriptures back.

To be continued…




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