Ransom Notes, Part 2

16 12 2010

So Nate came over last night to read us his poem.  He planned with Christina for 9:00 pm so all of the roommates were told to be home for it.  He wore a costume (the snuggie made for him by Jill and me) and he even printed the poem out on cardstock.  Here is the Poem he shared with us.

For Ransom

R is for Remarkable

A trustworthy person you have become
Friends come to you, and not only some
Despite your own problems you lend a hand
And people all know you are splendidly grand.

O is for Observant

On occasions we like to spend time
And though what we say might not always rhyme
You always remember all of my thoughts
Filling in our remembrances with tiny dots.

B is for Brave

A spider’s bite is all it took
To put you in a crazy whirl
But soon we found by hook or by crook
The resiliency of this noteworthy girl.

I is for Intelligent

Whilst I, with a jet of blue
Dueled I with an Orr
The sacred writ that left my hand
Was held hostage quite un-hoped for.

N is for Nice

The sugar that I indubitably ignore
Of which thou dost know that I adore
Sugar-free brownies were made for me
And my craving was set free.




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