Of Course This Would Be Funny to Me…

23 01 2011

So Everyone should know by now that I like Aquatics.  I just happened to run across this clip from Mr. Bean and decided to share it.


This is What You Were Waiting For. . .

23 01 2011

So I will give you all an update on my life since I haven’t posted much of anything going on in the last month or so.

1. I have begun my final semester at BYU.  I really can’t believe it still.  I will graduate in less than 3 months now.  So my semester consists of (a) For Profit and Non-Profit Finance, (b) Business Writing, (c) Facility Planning and (d) Pioneers and Persecution.  I am also helping teach the lifeguard class, so that is fun for me.  The semester hasn’t gotten too hard for me yet.  We will see how it goes in just a few weeks.

2. I have been looking for an internship for this summer.  I put in one application so far and have a couple waiting on standby for when the application process opens up.  This one I applied for is to be the aquatics manager at Seven Peaks Water Park here in Provo.  If I got the position I would be in charge or about 100 lifeguards, the water attractions, and swim lessons.  They emailed me a few questions and after I responded, they said they would contact me next week to set up a face interview.  I am pretty excited and I feel confident that I could do a good job.

3. Oh yea, surgery was now 5 weeks ago and I have been healing pretty well.  I am super excited because I am allowed to be active again next week.  I have started looking at new athletic swimsuits.  I just keep forgetting to use the measuring tape at work to measure myself and see what size of a suit I need to get.  This picture is of one of the suits I am looking at.  The other option right now is a solid black suit that would be easy to use anytime.

4. My Christmas was spent here in Utah.  Because of surgery, I stayed with some family friends in Orem.  They were super awesome to take care of me and I am way grateful for all of my friends that came to visit me.  I have a couple super sweet stories from some super sweet friends.

  • So Jill beat me to the Spaldings’ house after the surgery because we stopped at Target to get my pain killers.  I was so drugged up from coming out of the anesthesia, but I remember looking at hair and commenting, “My hair isn’t this color.”  I guess my hair must have come out of the shower cap thing and gotten in the way because I had blood soaked hair.  Well, Jill is a lab-tech and blood doesn’t bother her so she washed out my hair for me and then braided it so it wouldn’t be in my way.
  • That night Brad came over to see me.  Karen (my stand-in grandma) answered the door and the first thing he asks her is she is taking good care of me.  Of course Karen says she is taking good care of me and that they are happy to have me because I am a sweet girl.  Brad agrees that I am a super sweet girl.  He then comes downstairs where I am cuddles up in a blanket hiding some of the blood that soaked through my shirt and talk with him for a little bit.  He brought me a whole box of See’s Chocolates.  Like a whole pound.  That isn’t just a few pieces. (it took me 2 or 3 weeks to finish it).  Brad noticed that their was a piano in the room so he asked if he could play me a song.  He played “Away in a Manger.”  He played through once and then he played again singing all of the verses for me.  He knows I really like piano music so it was special to me.  He had to of known I was growing to be interested in him.  Before he left he told me he liked where we were with our friendship and didn’t want to pursue it farther.  I was so mellow from the drugs and just said “ok.”  I can’t believe I didn’t ask why and still don’t know to this day.  Then he kissed me on the forehead before leaving.  Even though this story has a sad ending, it was still special to me with just having him chill with me, bring chocolate, and play the piano for me.
  • During the Christmas festivities, the kids couldn’t understand that I couldn’t rough house with them and were definitely too rough on me.  Finally Christmas evening I was done and went to my room to read the book that the Spaldings gave me.  I had been texting Bronson throughout the day cuz we are awesome like that.  He was telling me about how he just got home from his sisters and was going to just relax and read a book.  Tom (stand-in grandpa) came in and told me I had a guest in the living room.  There was Bronson.  He apologized for lying to me, he just wanted to surprise me.  He brought me a present too.  He apologized for being a boy and not knowing what lotion stuff smelled good so his mom chose that for me.  I approved though.  But even though he brought me a gift, I loved just sitting there and talking with him.  I really couldn’t ask for more.  He was my home teacher last year and is now one of my best friends and I know I can talk to him about anything.  He is a wonderful gift given to me by life and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.
  • The day after Christmas, Rob texted me to see how I was feeling.  I told him I was doing well except for the fact the kids were a bit too rough on me and I was in some pain from that.  Instead of texting me back, he immediately called and told me that I need to be relaxing and he doesn’t want me hurt more than I need to be.  It made me laugh, it was cute, but I do understand his concern.

5. I am currently on a dating strike.  I won’t go into detail of why I chose to do this.  Not too many people know right now.  I have been on this strike for like 2 weeks now.  I do have one friend who wants me to break this strike and go on a blind date with a friend of hers. I agreed to him getting my number so we will see what happens, but he hasn’t called yet.

Finding Inner Strength through Perseverance

22 01 2011

Chapter six

~*~Finding Inner Strength through Perseverance~*~

“Perseverance, in the right direction, reveals inner strength.  And inner strength can lead to more confidence about our physical bodies, including a more positive self-image.”

“Elder Jeffrey R. Holland counseled: ‘Please be more accepting of yourselves, including your body shape and style, with a little less longing o look like someone else.  We are all different.  Some are tall, and some are short.  Some are round, and some are thin, and almost everyone at some time or other wants to be something they are not!  But as one adviser to teenage girls said, ‘You can’t live your life worrying that the world is staring at you.  When you let people’s opinion make you self-conscious you give away your power. . . . The key to feeling confident is to always listen to your inner self–the real you. . . .’ Every young woman is a child of destiny and every adult woman a powerful force for good.”

Gordon B. Hinckley said: “You did not come into this world to fail.  You came into the world to succeed.  You have accomplished much so far.  It is only the beginning.  As you move forward on the trail of life, keep the banner of faith in self ever before you.  You may not be a genius.  You may not be exceptionally smart.  But you can be good, and you can try.  And you will be amazed at what might happen when in faith you take a step forward.”

“Inner strength comes when we are willing to persevere.  We can pray for increased strength that will come as we demonstrate our willingness to work hard to improve our physical and spiritual health.  And it will come.  Of that we can be sure!”


Finding Power in Positive Examples

17 01 2011

Chapter 5 Finding the Angel Within

~*~Finding Power in Positive Examples~*~

“As we get older, we more fully realize the examples our parents and other nurturers have set for us.  However, we may never entirely realize the example we have set for the children in our lives.  Often we won’t see it until they grow up, go out into the world, and mirror what we have taught them and the way in which we have lived.  But often we can see right away how our attitudes and values affect our children, such as their display of sportsmanship, their love of reading and writing, their desire to offer their own personal prayers, or even their aspiration to lace up their running shoes and go for a run.”

“We adult women are tremendous examples and resources for young women.  Conveying healthy attitudes about our bodies will be more effectively taught through our actions.”

“Hopefully we will have effectively taught them about their value, and they will have learned, so that on the way through their worldly experience and back to their eternal home they will be able to hear heavenly voices a little more loudly than those from the world around them.”

“Hopefully each of us in part of the throng of heavenly voices, offering strength and reassurance.  constructive criticism has its place.  We also need positive support and encouragement in our quest to discover more about ourselves and our earthly and eternal roles.  we can have a huge impact on the children (as well as the adults!) in our lives.  They are important.  They do matter, and their efforts can be worthwhile.  And that concept comes across much more effectively if we believe it ourselves.”

Finding Nourishment

14 01 2011

Chapter 4 from Finding the Angel Within

~*~Finding Nourishment~*~

“Nourishing our bodies includes nurturing them, and when we truly nurture our bodies, we nurture our minds and spirits as well.”

“Unfortunately, in today’s climate, it is quite easy to allow ourselves to become “body critical.”  Unless we resist it, we can easily become overly judgemental of our own appearance.  Some criticism can have a positive effect in helping us to see possibilities, but women tend to be hypercritical of themselves and others.”

Truman Madsen has said, “The Lord gives us glimpses of ourselves.  And in self-examination we are most blessed when we see ourselves as we are seen by him and know ourselves as we are known by him, then, knowledge of the Savior and self-knowledge increase together.  In this world, we do not really grasp who we are until we know whose we are.”

“It is okay to hurt.  Let yourself feel the feelings.  If you feel angry, be angry.  If you are angry at Heavenly Father, tell him!  If you need to cry, cry.”

Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Have you ever contemplated the wonder of yourself, the eyes with which you see, the ears with which you hear, the voice with which you speak?  No camera ever built can compare with the human eye.  no method of communication ever devised can compare with the voice and the ear.  No pump ever built will run as long or as efficiently as the human heart.  No computer or other creation of science can equal the human brain.  what a remarkable thing you are.  you can think by day and dream by night.  you can speak and hear and smell.  Look at your finger.  The most skillful attempt to reproduce it mechanically has resulted in only a crude approximation.  the next time you use your finger, watch it, look at it, and sense the wonder of it… You are a child of God, His crowning creation.”

“As we nurture others, we can feel nurtured ourselves.  then the cycle begins again.  The boost we get from feeling nurtured enables us to again nurture those around us. What a wonderful, recurring concept!  And as we continue nourishing, not just feeding, we will discover greater self-love and self-acceptance.  We will be able to more fully focus on the positive, and the reflection we see of ourselves will be truer to what the Lord sees and intends for us to see!”

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