Finding Power in Positive Examples

17 01 2011

Chapter 5 Finding the Angel Within

~*~Finding Power in Positive Examples~*~

“As we get older, we more fully realize the examples our parents and other nurturers have set for us.  However, we may never entirely realize the example we have set for the children in our lives.  Often we won’t see it until they grow up, go out into the world, and mirror what we have taught them and the way in which we have lived.  But often we can see right away how our attitudes and values affect our children, such as their display of sportsmanship, their love of reading and writing, their desire to offer their own personal prayers, or even their aspiration to lace up their running shoes and go for a run.”

“We adult women are tremendous examples and resources for young women.  Conveying healthy attitudes about our bodies will be more effectively taught through our actions.”

“Hopefully we will have effectively taught them about their value, and they will have learned, so that on the way through their worldly experience and back to their eternal home they will be able to hear heavenly voices a little more loudly than those from the world around them.”

“Hopefully each of us in part of the throng of heavenly voices, offering strength and reassurance.  constructive criticism has its place.  We also need positive support and encouragement in our quest to discover more about ourselves and our earthly and eternal roles.  we can have a huge impact on the children (as well as the adults!) in our lives.  They are important.  They do matter, and their efforts can be worthwhile.  And that concept comes across much more effectively if we believe it ourselves.”




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