Worst Date Of My Life

15 02 2011

So I saw someone else blog about their worst date.  I decided to join in on the fun.

I should clarify, my Valentine’s Day was wonderful so this story isn’t the result of a poor day.

About two years ago I was doing homework in the living room when my roommate, Alicia, got a phone call from a friend of hers.  This friend was needing a girl to go on a blind date.  Alicia had a boyfriend at the time so she decided I was going on the date.  I had an hour to get ready.  I had no information about the guy.  Ok, this is weird.  Even the friend that had called had never met the guy.  I knew he was just off his mission though.

The people on the date consisted of this friend and her husband, her old young women’s leader and husband, then the RM and me.

I was picked up and driven to Chili’s for dinner.  However, the wait was too long so we went to Bajios.  The RM was cute and all.  His downfall was the fact that he spent the entire time texting.  I have learned that texting is a huge turn-off while on dates.  I didn’t know anyone there and he was hardly giving me the time of day.  After dinner we got treats at the store and drove up to Heber.  The young woman’s leader and her husband lived up there.  We got the kids put to bed and then played the Wii.  However, as soon as we arrived at the house, this RM chose to leave and go to his sister’s house.  Really?  I am now in Heber, hanging out with two married couples I don’t know.  They were super nice and all.  I just felt so dumb with how this guy treated me.

I swore I wouldn’t do blind dates anymore.  However, I may have two coming up.  The Spaldings have a boy they want me to go on a date with and my friend, Amanda, has a friend she wants me to go on a date with.  Oh yea, the dating strike has ended.  I will explain sometime.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!




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