Exciting Things to Look Forward to…

23 02 2011

I know I have numerous events in the next few months to be super excited about.  Sometimes I just wish time would speed up to get me to those moments.

1. Tomorrow is interview day.

At 1 p.m. I will be in Pleasant Grove for my interview with their parks and recreation department.  If I get the position, I would mostly be doing youth and adult sports.  I would also be doing work with Hershey’s Track Meet and Pitch, Hit, and Run.  I have worked on those two events so that will be a good plus for me.  I am pretty confident that I could do a good job in this position.

Then, at 3 p.m. I will be at Seven Peaks in Provo for my interview for the aquatics manager position.  I am super excited about this one.  I know it is a stretch, but I can do it.  Someone today asked me if I really would be able to do the job because I am a girl.  Yes, I am a girl.  Yes, I have the qualifications.  Yes, I can do the job.  I am not some fragile, little blonde.  I know I can surprise people and do a wonderful job.

2. March 16 and 17 is when my mom, Emmy, and Peter are coming to visit.  I am working on plans for what to do while they are here.  My mom wants Emmy and Peter to go on a campus tour that day and then maybe have Emmy attend a Geology class.  I want to take Peter to the BYU creamery because BYU ice cream is amazing.  I need to find a couple more ideas of things to take them to.

3.  March 23-27 I am going home.  One of my super good friends, Amanda, is getting married in Tri-Cities and I will be helping out with everything.  I am also excited for this trip because Zeth might be home.  He has been in the Navy and I haven’t seen him in a year now.  It will be a busy weekend, but a fun one for sure.

4. April 21 is graduation day.  I applied to walk at graduation so we will see how awesome I look in a cap and gown again.



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