What a Weekend…

28 02 2011

This weekend turned out pretty decent.  Remember I don’t have Friday classes so my weekend starts on Thursday.

Thursday, I read The Goose Girl.  It was a good book for sure.


  • got my tires rotated
  • ran other errands
  • took Eimi to the store to get the stuff she needed for her japanese party
  • hung out with Ron (a guy from home)
  • skyped with another friend


  • class
  • nap
  • Jared came over just to talk for a bit
  • listened to the basketball game (we won)
  • work
  • watched a movie with Christina


  • Brunch at 316
  • visiting teaching
  • stake conference
  • dinner at 304
  • adult session of stake conference
  • played Jackie’s game (a game we play at home, made-up by a family friend named Jackie)
  • home teachers came over and took care of our dead snowman (someone left a dead snowman on our porch)
  • Christina and I read our chapter for Pioneers and Persecution.

Busy weekend, but a good one.  I need to figure out what I am going to wear for the superhero party this upcoming weekend.




One response

28 02 2011
Alishka Babushka

yay superhero birthday party! wear something AWESOME!! :o)

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