Made-Up Spring Break

30 03 2011

Did you that BYU does not have a spring break.  It is true, but we finish in April, which is nice.

Since I am a senior and wanted to take a trip, I made my own spring break.  March 23-27, I went to Oregon and Washington.  Here is the breakdown of my trip.


Long drive, yep.  that was my day mostly.  When I got to Pendleton, I went to hang out with Amber and her hooligan kids.  It was a lot of fun.  My face hurt afterwards because I had tackled Electra and was tickling her and her sister, Trinity, decided to pinch my face with her nails.  After that, I went to Daniel’s house.  We went to Big John’s for breadsticks and hang out with Sam.  When I got home, I talked to Jared on the phone for like an hour and a half.


I worked on a paper in the morning.  Once I finished, I drove to Moses Lake.  One of my really good friends from school was getting married to her missionary and I chose 6 months ago that I was going to be there for her.  We went to get our nails done.  Amanda’s sister, Jessica also came with us.  I helped Amanda pack up her room, watched the BYU basketball game, and spent a lot of time just talking about everything.  I really do love that girl and I am super excited that she got married to her best friend.  I slept in Amanda’s bed with her and we fell asleep, watching Bride Wars.


I didn’t want to wake up, but I was woken up at 6:15 in the morning.  Spent time with Amanda while she got ready and I was placed in charge of her emergency bag (hair spray, safety pins, snacks, etc.).  Amanda had to leave early so I got ready after she left.  The rest of us drove to the temple and I drove my own car because I chose to go back to Pendleton after the events.  My gas light came on and I got to the point, I knew I wasn’t going to make it so I had to break off to fill up.  I was sure I could make it with good time, until I screwed up the exit and I was on the freeway going towards Spokane.  Not good.  Once you pass Tri-cities, their aren’t many exits.  I had to find the first place to turn around and make my way to the temple.  I got there right at 11am and I ran to the temple to ask the temple workers to take the bag to the bride’s room.  I really did run.

While the sealing was taking place, I was outside with Amanda’s family who weren’t members.  They were upset because they weren’t able to actually attend the wedding.  I took the time to explain the whole situation to them and the importance of the temple.  I helped take a number of pictures for Amanda and I really have to say, she was absolutely gorgeous.  I hung out with her mom during the luncheon and she told me how grateful she was that I came.  I guess many people told Amanda they would keep in touch with her when she moved to Washington, however, I was the only one to keep in touch.  Amanda was super happy to have me make the time to drive all the way to Washington just for her.

Went back to Pendleton afterwards.  I stayed at my house in the afternoon and then hung out with Daniel in the evening.


Went on a 2 hour walk with Sam.  We have known each other since Preschool, so it was good to catch up and talk about life.  That walk turned out to be at least 6-7 miles.  After that spent like an hour with Brandon just catching up and talking about his sister’s engagement.

My dad and brother returned from the East Coast Tour and Colin wasn’t able to stay awake.  I had fun bugging him.  We did pizza for dinner and Colin and I watch Veronica Mars, Season 2 together.  Well, we got through maybe 6 episodes.


I drove back to Utah.  When I was in Sandy area, Jared asked me to come to his house in Layton so I could meet his family and see him earlier than that night.  Since I had already passed Layton it wasn’t reasonable to send me back.  His family does want to meet me someday to make sure I am real.  Hung out with my roommates and Jared did come see me so I was a happy camper.

There you go, that was my made-up spring break.


Update on the Disney Interview

18 03 2011

This interview has now been scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday.  I am super excited and totally planning on preparing.  I just might write a post about interview preparation later.  Thank you for your support.

More Interviews

16 03 2011

I had an interview yesterday for a community named Daybreak.  It is located in South Jordan.  The guy I spoke with loved the fact that I had worked at Disney and told me I would get a phone call next week about a second interview.  I don’t know too much about the pools but I could either run all three pools or manage the workforce at one pool.  We will see how that goes.

Today I got an email about how Disney wants to interview me.  I applied for the Disney Professional Internships.  Everything I applied for relates to event planning.  I will call them tomorrow to officially set up that interview.

I am sure I will hear from Seven Peaks next week about the interview for the supervisor positions.  I could be placed in Provo or Salt Lake.

I have a few more to apply to so I will let you know when I hear something.

Honesty Lived

11 03 2011

Yesterday I was in my business writing class.  Whenever we read a chapter, we take a quiz.  I have made it a habit to do the chapter questions at the end of the chapter.  The teacher uses these questions to make her quiz.  Yesterday’s quiz happened to be open book/open note.  I wrote the wrong thing down for one of my answers.  However, the individual correcting my paper gave me full credit.  When I got it back, I knew I was wrong and changed my score to be 3/4.  I no longer had a perfect score on my quizzes and I messed up on an open book quiz.  I turned it in with the proper score.  One of the boys in my group, Jason, watched me change my score and as soon as I turned it in, told me he really respected me and my desire to really be honest.  I commented I was only losing one point and would be fine.  He was still set on respecting me, but even more because it was one point.  I could have slipped by without being noticed but I changed the score only for myself.

Did You Know I Like Compliments

8 03 2011

It is true, I do like compliments.  Here is a story of the other night and getting a compliment.  It isn’t exact quotations but the idea is there at least.

Scene 1, Sunday afternoon in apartment 315, Robin had roommate 1’d wallet since it fell out of his pocket, phone alarm goes off.
Robin: I guess that means I should go change for work.
Roommate 1: yea, you should.  Reaches for wallet
Robin: as leaning across roommate 1 to steal it back. Give that back
Roommate 2: dude, give Robin back her hand.
Robin steals phone and heads back to her room to change.
Roommate 1: Don’t think I will chase you down that hall. The chastity line means nothing to me.
Jill: Don’t you even think so.
Nate: Sit down dude.
Robin come back out and roommate 1 is watching her while she puts on her jacket to leave.
Roommate 1: You have it don’t you
Robin: Yes
Roommate 1: It is with you isn’t it?
Robin: Yes.  exits scene
Roommate 1 stands up to follow
Nate: Sit down
Roommate 1 sits down. a minute later, Robin opens door and throws phone and closes door again.

Scene Two, in empty mall waiting for coworkers to show up, texting on phone.
Roommate 1: have fun at work
Robin: Did you really think I was going to keep your phone all day
Roommate 1: It would have given me an excuse to see you again tonight.
Robin: Well, I never got a hug goodbye so you still have an excuse.

Scene Three, apartment 304, Roommate 1 gets a text from Robin.  Roommate 1 is putting on shoes.
Roommate 3: Where are you going?
Roommate 1: To give a hug to a pretty girl.
roommate 1 exits scene

Scene Four, apartment 315, roommate 1 shows up at door and Robin is asked to come to the front room.  Roommate 1 gives a hug to Robin, there is a knock at the door.
Roommate 1: hey, what are you doing here.
Robin: he wanted to see some awesome girls
Roommate 3: I was wanting to say hi to Eimi.  to roommate 1, I didn’t know you were coming here.
Roommate 1: I told you I was giving a hug to a pretty girl.  Where else would I be?
Everyone talks for a bit and then exit scene one at a time to go to bed.

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