Did You Know I Like Compliments

8 03 2011

It is true, I do like compliments.  Here is a story of the other night and getting a compliment.  It isn’t exact quotations but the idea is there at least.

Scene 1, Sunday afternoon in apartment 315, Robin had roommate 1’d wallet since it fell out of his pocket, phone alarm goes off.
Robin: I guess that means I should go change for work.
Roommate 1: yea, you should.  Reaches for wallet
Robin: as leaning across roommate 1 to steal it back. Give that back
Roommate 2: dude, give Robin back her hand.
Robin steals phone and heads back to her room to change.
Roommate 1: Don’t think I will chase you down that hall. The chastity line means nothing to me.
Jill: Don’t you even think so.
Nate: Sit down dude.
Robin come back out and roommate 1 is watching her while she puts on her jacket to leave.
Roommate 1: You have it don’t you
Robin: Yes
Roommate 1: It is with you isn’t it?
Robin: Yes.  exits scene
Roommate 1 stands up to follow
Nate: Sit down
Roommate 1 sits down. a minute later, Robin opens door and throws phone and closes door again.

Scene Two, in empty mall waiting for coworkers to show up, texting on phone.
Roommate 1: have fun at work
Robin: Did you really think I was going to keep your phone all day
Roommate 1: It would have given me an excuse to see you again tonight.
Robin: Well, I never got a hug goodbye so you still have an excuse.

Scene Three, apartment 304, Roommate 1 gets a text from Robin.  Roommate 1 is putting on shoes.
Roommate 3: Where are you going?
Roommate 1: To give a hug to a pretty girl.
roommate 1 exits scene

Scene Four, apartment 315, roommate 1 shows up at door and Robin is asked to come to the front room.  Roommate 1 gives a hug to Robin, there is a knock at the door.
Roommate 1: hey, what are you doing here.
Robin: he wanted to see some awesome girls
Roommate 3: I was wanting to say hi to Eimi.  to roommate 1, I didn’t know you were coming here.
Roommate 1: I told you I was giving a hug to a pretty girl.  Where else would I be?
Everyone talks for a bit and then exit scene one at a time to go to bed.



2 responses

8 03 2011
Alishka Babushka

i love this. the end. also. thanks for coming to my party. you should post your pics. :o) love you. the end. (for reals)

9 03 2011

I want to know who roommate 2 & 3 are 😉

Yay for compliments!!!

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