Honesty Lived

11 03 2011

Yesterday I was in my business writing class.  Whenever we read a chapter, we take a quiz.  I have made it a habit to do the chapter questions at the end of the chapter.  The teacher uses these questions to make her quiz.  Yesterday’s quiz happened to be open book/open note.  I wrote the wrong thing down for one of my answers.  However, the individual correcting my paper gave me full credit.  When I got it back, I knew I was wrong and changed my score to be 3/4.  I no longer had a perfect score on my quizzes and I messed up on an open book quiz.  I turned it in with the proper score.  One of the boys in my group, Jason, watched me change my score and as soon as I turned it in, told me he really respected me and my desire to really be honest.  I commented I was only losing one point and would be fine.  He was still set on respecting me, but even more because it was one point.  I could have slipped by without being noticed but I changed the score only for myself.




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