Misc. Information

21 04 2011

So I have some other information to share right now.  I may seem scatterbrained but this is Robin’s life in the last little bit it seems like.

  1. I have had some great cousin time.  We celebrated Keilah’s birthday by doing dinner at Cafe Rio and then cake at Becca’s apartment.  The next day we went to Kimi and Alishia’s apartment so Kimi could open her mission call.  We had all five cell phones on speaker phone while Kimi opened the call.  She will be going to the Chicago, Illinois mission.  Everyone is pretty excited for her.
  2. We had Lizzy’s bridal shower last week.  It turned out really good.  I don’t like bridal shower games so I left that out.  We had good food, great socializing time, and of course, an awesome bride to-be.
  3. The Spaldings left for their mission in Nauvuu.  Jared and I went to the farewell and then to their house for brownies and ice cream.  It was really good spending time with everyone.  They were slightly embarrassing but Jared handled everything just great.
  4. Jared made us cake and we decorated it together.  One for his apartment, one for mine.  I forgot to take a picture but it kinda looked like this…
  5. My ankle is getting better.  I think I could go all day without the Ace bandage.  I don’t know if I want to exercise on it yet but I am getting there.
  6. I am on summer break now.  This week has been really chill.  Dressbarn has lowered my hours to have me start my internship.  The internship starts next week.  I am super excited, even if it is just training.
  7. I found a place to get italian sodas.  I am so excited because I had been craving them for a couple weeks now.  Problem solved.

Fancy Nancy Date

21 04 2011

Last week our apartment did a Fancy Nancy date.  We have a few boys pursuing our girls, and we set up the rest of the girls with guys that would just be fun.  Here are the couples.

  • Me and Jared
  • Jackie and Ammon
  • Christina and Daniel
  • Eimi and Dave
  • Jill and Walter
  • Kristin and Dano
     The whole date idea came from a children’s book, Fancy Nancy.  The book is about a little girl, named Nancy.  She is kinda sad that her family is boring and decides to have fancy lessons.  She teaches them how to dress-up and say words like “Dahling.”  The parents then decide that they should go out to eat.  People may just think they are movie stars.  After the meal, they decide to get parfaits (fancy word for ice cream sundaes) and Nancy accidently trips.  They end up having parfaits at home.
     For our date, we all dressed up.  I even went to pick Jared up because I had invited (actually Eimi told him to come.)  Once we had everyone, we read the book.  It really is a cute book.  We then went on campus to take pictures.  Lexie came to help so everyone could be in the pictures.  Then we had dinner at Arby’s.  Then we had parfaits at our apartment. (no, we did not drop them)
After the date, Jared and I changed and went to the park and played on the swings and then looked at fancy houses.  Some people are ridiculous, but it is pretty nonetheless.
      Here are a few of the pictures from the date.

Quick Update About Running

18 04 2011

So I was supposed to start running today.  However, I was on campus today and it was raining.  I stepped on a curb that had paint on it and ended up falling because it was slick.  I twisted my ankle and it still hurts.  Therefore, I am pushing back running to start on Wednesday hopefully.

A New Goal

14 04 2011

I decided I will do the program, couch potato to 5K.  You can see it at this webpage, http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

The plan is to try and start on Monday.  This is because it goes week by week, I want to start on a Monday so it is easier to follow.  I am giving each of you permission to ask me how it is going and you are welcome to join me too.  I should finish finals on Monday so I will be in summer mode and want to lose weight this summer.  I will set up a plan and let you know what is going to happen.

The New Job is Official

12 04 2011

Last week I was super nervous about if I was getting a summer position here.  I knew Lindon was waiting til next week to call and Daybreak had said they would call early in the week.  I hadn’t heard anything so I assumed that I was being denied again.

However, on Friday I missed a call from Daybreak because I was at work.  They asked me to call back so they could discuss what was happening with the positions.  I called from the mall parking lot and was placed on hold.  Clint didn’t want to miss me again I guess.  Then he offered me the position of Head Guard.  They treat the position differently than other pools.  With Daybreak, Head Guard is part of the management team.

I was asked to go to Daybreak today for orientation and to fill out paper work.  Two other people were there.  Josh is the Aquatics Supervisor and Nisal is a Head Guard with me.  Sadly, they are both boys.  Ok, that isn’t a problem.  I just know I need to keep a professional relationship with my guards, so I will be spending more time with the management team and I am hoping I at least have one girl besides me.  Only two more are left besides the ones I met today.

I think it will be a good summer.  I am still looking at maybe picking up a third position but we will see.  I am planning at staying at Dressbarn though.  Daybreak will end Labor Day so I need something to go past that.

Date #1

10 04 2011

Jared and I finally had our first date.  We have hung out a lot, went on walks and stuff, but not a real date.

He came to pick me up around 7:30 pm and we went to his apartment.  He made me dinner.  We had tuna casserole and peaches his sister had canned.  Then he had made Ghirardelli brownies that we had with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  We talked with Joel for a little bit but his roommates didn’t bother us too much.  Even if they were there, I enjoy them and it wouldn’t have been awkward at all.

After dinner, we went to Trafalga in Orem.  It was crazy busy there.  We watched a 4D movie which didn’t last too long.  The one we were placed in was actually Jared’s least favorite one, some parts were entertaining, others were lame.

We then went to Trafalga in Lehi.  We started with mini-golf inside.  The course had a beach like theme and was covered with artwork that were bright with neon colors due to the black lighting.  I totally beat Jared.  We then decided we could handle the cold to do the outdoor course (it had been snowing and raining all day.) We didn’t even keep score on this round.  The funniest was when we would hit a ball and it would land in a puddle and when we would hit the ball, it would splash the other one.  We laughed so hard throughout the entire thing.  At one point, Jared was frustrated he couldn’t get the ball in the hole so he picked it up to drop in the hole.  He still missed.  I about died laughing.  One nice thing was that for awhile, we were the only people outside so we had the entire course to ourselves.  Then we went inside to play arcade games.  From the tickets we won, we got a plastic dinosaur, rubix cube, and other little cheap trinkets.  We then enjoyed dippin’ dots from a free coupon we had.  One of the workers sat down and started talking with us.  She told us we had to play laser frenzy so she gave us free tokens to try.  Laser Frenzy is a small room with lasers bouncing off the walls like in James Bond movies.  You are expected to get across the room and back without breaking any of the beams.  Jared started with easy and it was too simple.  He did break one beam though.  I then chose to play on medium.  That was super easy.  I didn’t break any beams and I was most worried that my hair would set off a beam because I couldn’t control that very well.  We both played on difficult and that was impossible.  Jared ran out of time and I made it but I broke three beams on my way in and on my way out.  We had fun though.

On the way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up a dress belt for Jared.

It was a good date.  He said he had our next two dates planned already as long as I don’t hate him by then.  He hasn’t told me what is happening yet.  I know his sister wants to set Rob (Jared’s roommate) on a blind date so it will be four couples.  I don’t know when that will happen yet.  Next week we have a date with my roommates.  It is a Fancy Nancy party and all I know is that I have to dress up fancy for dinner.  It is a good thing I can fit into my prom dress again.  I will give details on that next week.

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