The New Job is Official

12 04 2011

Last week I was super nervous about if I was getting a summer position here.  I knew Lindon was waiting til next week to call and Daybreak had said they would call early in the week.  I hadn’t heard anything so I assumed that I was being denied again.

However, on Friday I missed a call from Daybreak because I was at work.  They asked me to call back so they could discuss what was happening with the positions.  I called from the mall parking lot and was placed on hold.  Clint didn’t want to miss me again I guess.  Then he offered me the position of Head Guard.  They treat the position differently than other pools.  With Daybreak, Head Guard is part of the management team.

I was asked to go to Daybreak today for orientation and to fill out paper work.  Two other people were there.  Josh is the Aquatics Supervisor and Nisal is a Head Guard with me.  Sadly, they are both boys.  Ok, that isn’t a problem.  I just know I need to keep a professional relationship with my guards, so I will be spending more time with the management team and I am hoping I at least have one girl besides me.  Only two more are left besides the ones I met today.

I think it will be a good summer.  I am still looking at maybe picking up a third position but we will see.  I am planning at staying at Dressbarn though.  Daybreak will end Labor Day so I need something to go past that.



One response

13 04 2011
Alishka Babushka

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is so exciting! I hope it goes well for ya babe!

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