Fancy Nancy Date

21 04 2011

Last week our apartment did a Fancy Nancy date.  We have a few boys pursuing our girls, and we set up the rest of the girls with guys that would just be fun.  Here are the couples.

  • Me and Jared
  • Jackie and Ammon
  • Christina and Daniel
  • Eimi and Dave
  • Jill and Walter
  • Kristin and Dano
     The whole date idea came from a children’s book, Fancy Nancy.  The book is about a little girl, named Nancy.  She is kinda sad that her family is boring and decides to have fancy lessons.  She teaches them how to dress-up and say words like “Dahling.”  The parents then decide that they should go out to eat.  People may just think they are movie stars.  After the meal, they decide to get parfaits (fancy word for ice cream sundaes) and Nancy accidently trips.  They end up having parfaits at home.
     For our date, we all dressed up.  I even went to pick Jared up because I had invited (actually Eimi told him to come.)  Once we had everyone, we read the book.  It really is a cute book.  We then went on campus to take pictures.  Lexie came to help so everyone could be in the pictures.  Then we had dinner at Arby’s.  Then we had parfaits at our apartment. (no, we did not drop them)
After the date, Jared and I changed and went to the park and played on the swings and then looked at fancy houses.  Some people are ridiculous, but it is pretty nonetheless.
      Here are a few of the pictures from the date.



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