Misc. Information

21 04 2011

So I have some other information to share right now.  I may seem scatterbrained but this is Robin’s life in the last little bit it seems like.

  1. I have had some great cousin time.  We celebrated Keilah’s birthday by doing dinner at Cafe Rio and then cake at Becca’s apartment.  The next day we went to Kimi and Alishia’s apartment so Kimi could open her mission call.  We had all five cell phones on speaker phone while Kimi opened the call.  She will be going to the Chicago, Illinois mission.  Everyone is pretty excited for her.
  2. We had Lizzy’s bridal shower last week.  It turned out really good.  I don’t like bridal shower games so I left that out.  We had good food, great socializing time, and of course, an awesome bride to-be.
  3. The Spaldings left for their mission in Nauvuu.  Jared and I went to the farewell and then to their house for brownies and ice cream.  It was really good spending time with everyone.  They were slightly embarrassing but Jared handled everything just great.
  4. Jared made us cake and we decorated it together.  One for his apartment, one for mine.  I forgot to take a picture but it kinda looked like this…
  5. My ankle is getting better.  I think I could go all day without the Ace bandage.  I don’t know if I want to exercise on it yet but I am getting there.
  6. I am on summer break now.  This week has been really chill.  Dressbarn has lowered my hours to have me start my internship.  The internship starts next week.  I am super excited, even if it is just training.
  7. I found a place to get italian sodas.  I am so excited because I had been craving them for a couple weeks now.  Problem solved.



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