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24 05 2011

So today over half of the mail was for me.  I got my CPO certification, three wedding announcements, and a letter from seven peaks.  I will share this letter with you…

Dear Robin,

Thank you for applying as a lifeguard at Seven Peaks Waterpark.  We regret to inform you that all of our aquatics positions have been filled at this time.  We invite you to reapply in June to be considered for our mid-season hiring.  Thank you for your interest and we hope you have a great summer.


Xxxxxx Xxxxx

Aquatics Manager
Seven Peaks Waterpark

Ok, so the reason why this is so funny to me is because they are crazy.  I applied for manager and went through two interviews.  They had me apply for supervisor and they didn’t say anything to me about an interview before hiring someone else.  (why would you think I was good enough for an interview for a higher up position and say nothing about a lower position?)  Then one day they call and ask me if I want to be a guard.  I said no because for school reasons, I was looking for a leadership type position.  Now they send me a letter saying that they gave the position to someone else.  Well, duh.  I said no.  You know what, I am perfectly happy where I am.

Also, I am more than qualified for being a lifeguard there.  I was a deep water lifeguard at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.  My park was able to hold 10,000 people and we would hit that quite often.  Because of the fact that they turned me away means nothing.  If it was a position I wanted, they would be the ones who were making a mistake not taking me.  I have the skills to be in the water and emergency situations.  I could perform better than any of the high schoolers they would hire.


You Learn Something New Every Day

7 05 2011

I just about loved this blog post I found.  It is a post about how to jump from rooftop to rooftop if you are in a pursuit chase.    I am even giving you the link to it because I liked it that much.

I’m Tired All of the Time

1 05 2011

This week has been so busy and I am finally relaxing for the first time.  Let’s play catch up.

Last weekend was definitely a good one.  Friday, I went to Matt and Christy’s wedding reception.  Afterwards, Jared and I went to the dollar theater to see The Green Hornet.  Joel was supposed to come with us too.  However, he stayed to have a chat with my roommate.  I kinda wish he still came with us.  Oh well, next time it will happen.

Saturday, I worked in the morning.  Jared and I went to the the Thanksgiving Point Gardens for the Tulip Festival.  Can I just say it was beautiful.  Oh my goodness.  I can’t even describe just how amazing it was.  We walked around enjoying the beauty and just talking.  For an idea, this is a picture of where we were…

Some of my favorite memories of this escapade included…

  • watching brides have their bridals taken.  One girl was absolutely gorgeous and the other was a bit more cheesy.  She was way too posed and was wearing a pink old-school prom dress thing.  I felt bad for the girl.
  • seeing all of the bright orange fish.  They all congregated next to where we were on the pier.  It was crazy
  • We got free samples of some donuts and this boy (maybe like 12- or 13-years-old) asks Jared if his eyes are the real color and how many kids he had because he wanted to know if the kids had his eyes.  I just about died laughing.  I did wait til after we left the vendor so I didn’t laugh in front of the boy, or his mother.  Come on girls, how funny is it to be on a date and have this kid ask your date how many kids he has?
  • This mother and her two daughters drove past us on a golf cart and one of the girls was driving.  They told us not to tell anyone that a child was driving and then every single time we passed them, the smaller girl yelled at us not to tell.
  • I loved standing on top of this one structure and looking over the whole garden while having Jared hug me.
After that, we went to his apartment and he made me dinner and we watched When in Rome.  It was a good evening.
Easter Sunday was good.  I was cute for church.  After church, Jared and I went to Layton.  Our first stop was Layton City Park.  Their is a river that goes through so we walked along that and fed the ducks.  One goose tried to kill me.  Well, it hissed at me like a cat.  We then went to his parent’s house and talked for awhile.  Jared and I went downstairs to watch Monsters vs. Aliens.  His nephew joined us for a few minutes before dinner.  I therefore met his sister and her family.  Dinner was really good.  We then did a easter egg hunt.  His family even hid eggs for me.  Jared and I each had 4, his niece and nephew had 8, and his sister had 2.  I laughed at the fact that I had more eggs than his sister.  Jared’s dad even made a joke about how he had never made Robin eggs before.  Oh goodness.  Then we had the easter story.  Jared’s nephew reminds me a lot of my littlest brother.  He sat there blowing up a balloon and letting out the air to make it sound like it was “farting.”  Then whenever he was asked to read a scripture, he would just say no.  (I even told my dad about that and he said it sounded just like Peter).  When Jared’s sister’s family left we went back downstairs to finish our movie and just talk.  The talk on the way back was really good.  I’m not sharing details cuz that is our story, but it was a really good talk.  I had a lot of fun getting to know the family just a little bit.  I know I was being shy, but I hope they liked me.
This week I started the new job.  Tuesday and Thursday, I went to Murray for the CPO course (certified pool operators).  Can I just say, that was super boring.  Wednesday and Friday I was in Daybreak just helping out with things.  Not too much has happened yet.  Just cleaning and programming.
The other activities this week included
  • Emily highlighting my hair on Tuesday.
  • Being visit taught by Emily and Kristen for the last time.  Emily is being moved to a different ward so I can’t keep her as my visiting teacher.  I know, sad day.
  • Going to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to do baptisms
  • Making dinner for Jared.  I made white sauce chicken enchiladas (recipe taken from my cousin, Laura), spanish rice, green beans, strawberries, and brownies made from scratch.
  • Going to a bridal shower for an old friend.  I have known Julie since we were 5.  Sure, she moved away while we were still in elementary school but we met up again while in college and we are still awesome.
  • Going to a ward game night.
  • Girls night with Kristin.  We watched Just my Luck and painted our nails.
  • Wedding reception for Steven and Kristel.

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