Silly People

24 05 2011

So today over half of the mail was for me.  I got my CPO certification, three wedding announcements, and a letter from seven peaks.  I will share this letter with you…

Dear Robin,

Thank you for applying as a lifeguard at Seven Peaks Waterpark.  We regret to inform you that all of our aquatics positions have been filled at this time.  We invite you to reapply in June to be considered for our mid-season hiring.  Thank you for your interest and we hope you have a great summer.


Xxxxxx Xxxxx

Aquatics Manager
Seven Peaks Waterpark

Ok, so the reason why this is so funny to me is because they are crazy.  I applied for manager and went through two interviews.  They had me apply for supervisor and they didn’t say anything to me about an interview before hiring someone else.  (why would you think I was good enough for an interview for a higher up position and say nothing about a lower position?)  Then one day they call and ask me if I want to be a guard.  I said no because for school reasons, I was looking for a leadership type position.  Now they send me a letter saying that they gave the position to someone else.  Well, duh.  I said no.  You know what, I am perfectly happy where I am.

Also, I am more than qualified for being a lifeguard there.  I was a deep water lifeguard at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.  My park was able to hold 10,000 people and we would hit that quite often.  Because of the fact that they turned me away means nothing.  If it was a position I wanted, they would be the ones who were making a mistake not taking me.  I have the skills to be in the water and emergency situations.  I could perform better than any of the high schoolers they would hire.




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