Gotta Love Old Roommates

29 06 2011

Today, I planned to have dinner with one of my old roommates.  I love her, but she knows that already.

We went out to California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and had our usual. . .  a full chicken waldorf salad with the vinigrette dressing.  Pretty much, it is amazing.  It has all of the salad, and then celery, feta cheese, granny smith apples, candied walnuts, grapes, and lots of goodness. We ran into another roommate who was there.  She is getting married in a couple weeks so she was with her fiance and a few friends.  Gotta love her too.

After this adventure, we went to Bath and Body Works so participate in the semi-annual sale.  I spent only like $10 and got four items.

1. Coco Cabana body spray. I decided it was a good summer smell for when I am outdoors.

2. Midnight Pomegranate body spray.  Bronson gave me the lotion for Christmas so now I have the spray to go with it.

3. Dark Kiss lotion.  This is a totally new smell for me but it is way good.

4. Dark Kiss body spray.  I needed the spray for the lotion.

I know Jared will be excited about this shopping experience.  He is always making some comment about smell.  (Usually about how good I smell) I now have some variety instead of just Japanese Cherry Blossom.

I am so grateful for my wonderful evening.  Alicia and I had a great talk and I know life is good.  I have so much to grateful for.


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