What Disney Did For Me

13 08 2011

So today is the one year mark since coming back from Disney World.  Time has gone by fast.  I was trying to think about what has changed in the last year because of Disney.  This is what I have to offer.

1. My Current Job.
One of the reasons I got my job at Daybreak was because I was an Ellis and Associate guard and already knew the audit system.  I had many other job interviews because of the fact that I was a guard at such a large water park.

2. Growing Up.
I learned a lot totally being on my own.  Enough said.

3. Testimony Growth
I met a few amazing people who helped me push for my potential with a testimony.  I was grateful that while I was only there a short time, I was still able to have a calling and help those around me.

4. Amazing Friends
I still talk to a few of the friends I made down there.   I still adore most of them and I can’t wait to see them again.

5. My Boy
Disney was the first thing that Jared and I had in common.  He did the college program a few years before I did.


The Whole Story

9 08 2011

This story may cover a bit of time, just to warn you.  It wasn’t an immediate thing.

About three weeks ago, I was a bridesmaid for a friends wedding.  Right before Lizzy threw her bouquet she was inside, talking to me, and I told her to just toss it to me right then.  She laughed and then went out to throw the bouquet just before she left for her honeymoon.  A big group of girls and I was the one to catch.  I told her I would get it.

I told Jared about catching the bouquet and it didn’t effect him at all.  The whole myth about catching the bouquet says that the girl will be next to get married.  I found out later that he had already chosen a  ring for me.

So now we will fast forward to this last week.  I was insanely busy.  I had 57 hours at work, 10 hours commute time, relay for life, a 5 page paper, a test, 3 assignments, and a powerpoint to do.  Then I was told we were doing a double date on Saturday.  Jared’s friend, Hannah, really wanted to get to know me better and her husband still needed to get to know Jared.  They decided the boys were putting together a scavenger hunt for us and we were putting one together for them.

Saturday, Hannah picked me up close to seven for our date.  She was running late, which was ok with me because I only got an hour of sleep the night before, due to relay for life, and I just wanted to lay down for a little bit.  She had the first clue and we were on our way.

1. You go to this grocery store to get good deals.  It is across the way from Sonic.
Macey’s Grocery Store
We found the next clue at the customer service desk with a Frisbee.

2. This store is the biggest one in the mall.  It is close to a bridal store and a bridge.
Macy’s Department Store
Now this one was funny.  We already knew the clue was in the shoe department so we searched for awhile.  Finally, we decided to go down to Nordstrom’s and guess what, it was there.  However, the worker when we asked him, said he knew what we were talking about but wouldn’t help us.  The next clue was hidden behind a shoe box and it also contained play-doh.

3. This is a place only men really shop, stay in the mall and don’t stop!  It’s a place where men can get suits, and ties either for a formal or a mission.  Go there now and be fast, I don’t want this scavenger hunt to last!
Mr. Mac
This clue was found at the front desk and it had a kaleidoscopic.

4. This clue talked about a bookstore where you can get a variety of things like music and magazines too.  It was also by Mimi’s Cafe.
Barnes and Noble
This clue was found at the cashiers and had playdoh again.

5. Go to this place, both of you girls have been here with us.  It’s where you hit a ball and hope you get a hole in one.  Go here now to get your next clue.
This clue was at the counter.  The guy working recognized me because Jared and I have been there a couple of times. They told us to wait until the manager came.  They paged him and he came and told us that we had to sing I”m a little teapot with the actions in order to get our clue.  They also recorded it.  How sad.  We got the next clue and a baggie of treats.  We got a jump rope, a little water bottle, a bracelet, and a hot wheels car.

6. You are almost done.  It’s about to come to an end.  Go to this if you want to get a bite to eat!  So see you soon, and stay tuned……
Macaroni Grill
We all knew we were going to meet up at the restaurant so that is why the clue didn’t exactly say the location.

As we were driving to Macaroni Grill, Jared called and asked where we were.  I told him we were in Lehi.  He kinda freaked out and wanted to know why so I told him we were going to Trafalga in Lehi (Jared and I have done mini golf there too) and Jared told me it was the Orem one.  I claimed that part wasn’t in the clue.  Hannah and I were just laughing and then I finally told him we were on Center Street and would be at the restaurant in like 5 minutes.

At the restaurant, we sat down and Jared told me he had one more clue for me and it was only one word. “January”  I was being silly and said New Years and then snowmen.  Then I admitted I knew what he was talking about.  He then got on his knee and proposed.  I honestly don’t remember like anything he said except that I completed him and I jumped the gun with saying yes.  He also special ordered flowers for me in our wedding colors.  Purple, Black, and Ivory.  The flowers were purple and ivory roses with black babies’ breath.

After all is said and done, I am excited.  This is a new adventure and I love my boy.

I’m Engaged

7 08 2011

I am now officially engaged.  This is a quick post.  I will give the story on a later date.

The quick version of the story is that he sent me on a scavenger hunt with a friend and then we all met up for dinner at Macaroni Grill where he proposed and also gave me flowers in our wedding colors.

The plan is that we are getting sealed in the Bountiful, Utah Temple on January 5th with the Utah reception the next day with a reception in Pendleton on January 14th.

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