What Disney Did For Me

13 08 2011

So today is the one year mark since coming back from Disney World.  Time has gone by fast.  I was trying to think about what has changed in the last year because of Disney.  This is what I have to offer.

1. My Current Job.
One of the reasons I got my job at Daybreak was because I was an Ellis and Associate guard and already knew the audit system.  I had many other job interviews because of the fact that I was a guard at such a large water park.

2. Growing Up.
I learned a lot totally being on my own.  Enough said.

3. Testimony Growth
I met a few amazing people who helped me push for my potential with a testimony.  I was grateful that while I was only there a short time, I was still able to have a calling and help those around me.

4. Amazing Friends
I still talk to a few of the friends I made down there.   I still adore most of them and I can’t wait to see them again.

5. My Boy
Disney was the first thing that Jared and I had in common.  He did the college program a few years before I did.




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