Wedding Traditions

20 01 2012

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

I didn’t plan to follow this little wedding poem.  However, it became true.

Something old – continuity with the bride’s family and the past

Part of my temple clothing belonged to my mom before it became mine.

Something new – optimism and hope for the bride’s new life ahead

Of course, I had a new dress and new jewelry

Something borrowed – an item from a happily married friend or family member, whose good fortune in marriage is supposed to carry over to the new bride

My veil was actually borrowed from my good friend, Alicia.

Something blue – Before the late 19th century, blue was a popular color for wedding gowns, as evidenced in proverbs like, “Marry in blue, lover be true.”

We decided my blue eyes counted for something blue.

Now, I did not have a sixpence in my shoe, but who really has a sixpence nowadays.


Honeymoon Part 1

10 01 2012

Jared and I are having a two part Honeymoon.  School started school yesterday so we only had a weekend.  We will go to California in March during Spring Break.

On our wedding night, we were given two nights to the Anniversary Inn.  This bed and breakfast has different themed rooms.  Our first night was in Tuscany and our second night was in Swiss Family Robinson.

tuscany and swiss family robinson

We had so much fun.  One of the things I absolutely loved was all of the food.  When we checked in, we filled out our breakfast cards.  We were offered a couple choices (like cinnamon roll, ham and cheese crossaint, ransberry and cream cheese croissant, and a bagel.)  Jared and I got ham and cheese croissants, granola and yogurt parfaits, apple juice, and hot chocolate.  It was amazing.  They also gave us two slices of cheesecake and a bottle of apple cider in the evening.  The apple cider was better than martinelli’s.

Friday, during the day we picked up a wedding present from UPS and then went to get ready for our reception.  Things turned out really well.  I am currently waiting for the pictures so I don’t have anything to share right now.  I gave my camera to my sister and with all of the wedding activities, she took a total of 4 pictures, and 0 were good pictures.

Saturday, Jared and I went to the church history museum.  My favorite part of this adventure was seeing a painting that was made by a past bishop of mine.  When I saw the painting.  I got really excited and started explaining all of the symbolism in the work of art.  While I was in the restroom, Jared found the painting in the gift shop and got it for me.  He is also planning on getting a frame for me sometime so we can hang it in our apartment.

Tree of Life

After the museum, we had lunch at Lion House, toured the Beehive House, and window shopped and talked about books we both want to read.

We then went to Jared’s house so we could open wedding presents.  The house was crazy full with everyone there.  It was quite loud too.

Our hotel for the night was Crystal Inn.  Because of Jared’s connections, they bumped us up to a jacuzzi room at no extra cost.  We had fun playing in the pool and just spending time together.

Sunday, we attended Music and the Spoken Word at the Tabernacle.  We then went to our apartment to relax before Jared had to go back to work.

My Wedding Day

8 01 2012

January 5th, 2012
1:00 PM
Bountiful Utah Temple 

I was sealed for time and all eternity in the Bountiful, Utah Temple.

I surprisingly slept well the night before.  I was finishing last minute projects, which kept me up until 2 in the morning.  I woke up at 8:30 and got into the shower.  My friend, Hannah came to do my hair.  We kept it simple.  Everything was curled, and we did a simple crossover thing to keep my veil in place.

Alicia came to pick me up, and we were on our way. I was supposed to arrive an hour before the ceremony, and we were just a few minutes early.  We finished filling out our marriage licence and then went on our way to get ready.  Alicia was my escort, so she was responsible for helping me with anything I needed.  When, I was in need of an escort, I chose Alicia because I wanted someone that I would have in my life for a long time.  I seem to change friends often and I wanted someone who I knew would be a great friend for a long time.  Therefore, Alicia was the person that I had be there.

The temple was gorgeous.  I absolutely loved the brides’ room.  Because of the fact that Jared’s dad works at the temple, many people wanted to meet the new daughter in law.

I then was sealed to Jared.  The ceremony was wonderful and many people told us that it was the best sealing that they have ever attended.  Their was a special spirit.  Partly, because of Jared and me, and partly because the temple president was our sealer.  One of my friends chose to write everything down that she remembered the sealer saying so that I could remember later.

Jared ended up loving my dress.  I was partly worried because of how often he would point out a dress that he didn’t life, or say he loved a dress that was no where close to mine.    We took a million pictures outside the temple.  with family, friends, and just the two of us.

After pictures, we both changed to other nice clothing and went to our dinner.  The temple did our catering, and we had chicken cordon blue, rice, veggies, rolls, and cake.  Everything was absolutely wonderful.  We had everyone who attended, introduce themselves and announce how they knew Jared and me.  We heard many embarrassing stories (thanks to my sister starting the trend).

We then went to our awesome hotel (that will be another story in itself)

*more pictures to come too.

Before Wedded Bliss

8 01 2012

I am now a married woman.  I will give quick details of the last week.


I spent a long day at work, and afterwards, cleaned my apartment for visiting family.


I went to Oquirrah Mountain Temple to receive my endowments.  It was a really good experience.  I was stressing out right before I went.  I didn’t have everything I needed.  On top of that, I had everything planned that I would get there about 15 minutes before I was scheduled to be there.  I was in South Jordan and realized that I forgot my temple recommend in Murray so I had to go back and ended up about 15 minutes late instead.

My adopted grandma was my escort through the temple.  I was super scared, but everything is well now.

After the temple, my family and Jared’s family went out for pizza at The Pie.  It was great to have everyone together.


I picked up Katie at the airport.  She is one of my best friends since first grade.  My family, Katie, and I went to BYU so we could do a tour of campus.  Colin (my 15 yr old brother) loved it.  After BYU,  we ran a few other errands and then had dinner with my aunt and uncle.

Katie, Emmy, Peter, and I stayed up until 2 in the morning.  We had to finish all of the sashes and necklaces for the bridesmaids.  We cut out ribbon and made fabric flowers with pearl centers to attach to the sashes.  I thought they were cute, but I was tired and ready to be done with everything.


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