Second Job and New Certifications

4 04 2012

the last week has been pretty busy.

1. On Friday, I got a phone call from Daybreak.  They offered me the Head Guard position.  I am actually slightly mad because I am perfectly qualified for the supervisor position and instead will have a paycut and lower position to still do a lot of the same work because they still want my help with everything.  I guess the only reason I didn’t get what I wanted was because I am keeping South Jordan and can’t work much on Friday/Saturday because I work all day at South Jordan.

I don’t know when I go to start paperwork, but I should start somewhat soon because we have a lot of preparing and cleaning to do before opening day.

2. I am now certified as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor.  My ward isn’t supposed to know, or I will get stuck in scouting for my calling.  I only put myself down for Swimming, Lifesaving, and First Aid.  The trick I learned is that anyone can teach the requirements, just someone who is certified has to sign the cards.  

3. Next week I go back to South Davis Rec Center to finish my LGI training (Lifeguard Instructor).  On the last day of the initial training, we were doing skills at the bottom of 13 feet of water.  I was fine a couple times and then all of a sudden I must have swallowed water and my body freaked out.  I couldn’t even go to the bottom of 9 feet anymore.  My body wouldn’t let me, no matter how hard I tried.  So I get a send chance.  We will see how this goes.




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