Sunday School Lesson, Patriarchal Blessings

14 05 2012

My calling in church right now is to be the Sunday School teacher for the 12 and 13-year old class.  The best part of this calling is that I get to be with my husband.

This week the lesson was about patriarchal blessings.  A patriarchal blessing is given only once.  This blessing is given by a patriarch, who is set apart with the priesthood power to be prompted to share with the individual what Heavenly Father wants to be told.  This can include blessings, talents, and so on.

We started with talking about the Liahona (how I thought of the blog title).  I asked the kids how the liahona worked, and if they would appreciate having a personal liahona to show them how to reach their goal of eternal life with Heavenly Father.  Of course, they all said YES!!!

Lehi holding the Liahona

I then set up a Jeopardy set up with categories that involved What, Who, Why, When, and How.  I gave the kids turns to choose different cards that contained questions or quotes to read.  The following will give a few thoughts of each section.


-Quote given by President Monson, “Your patriarchal blessing is yours and yours alone.  It may be brief or lengthy, simple or profound.  Length and language do not a patriarchal blessing make.  It is the Spirit that conveys the true meaning.  Your blessing is not to be folded neatly and tucked away. It is not to be framed or published.  Rather, it is to be read.  It is to be loved.  It is to be followed.  Your patriarchal blessing will see you through the darkest night.  It will guide you through life’s dangers.”

-A patriarchal blessing is an inspired blessing that contains your lineage in the tribe of Israel, promises of blessings you may receive, warnings about particular temptations or weaknesses, talents, or counsel about how a person should live.


-Any worthy member of the Church can receive a patriarchal blessing when he or she is old enough to understand the opportunities and responsibilities that accompany it.

-Quote by President Joseph F. Smith, “It is a stake patriarch’s business and right to bestow blessings upon the people to make promises unto them in the name of the Lord. . .by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to comfort them in the hours of sorrow and trouble, to strengthen their faith by the promises that shall be made to them through the Spirit of God.”


-A patriarchal blessing can help us become happier, and more diligent servants of the Lord.


-Just like the Liahona, a patriarchal blessing is contingent on Faith and Righteousness.  Therefore, a person should receive his patriarchal blessing when he/she is old enough to understand, but young enough to partake in its knowledge.


-To prepare, live righteously, fast, pray, and receive a recommend.

For our next activity. I put together a treasure hunt for the kids.  I decorated a shoe box to be a treasure chest and put cupcakes in it.  The kids were so excited.  The bishop caught us as we were reading one of the clues and totally loved the idea.  After they found the treasure, we had a small talk.  I asked them if they thought they would have found the treasure without any of the clues. (The treasure was outside, by the church sign)  Most of them said no.  I told them they may have found it after a long time, but the clues helped guide them as long as they followed what each clue said.  I compared this to life.  We could get through life and receive our treasure of eternal life, but a patriarchal blessing would help us get there.  We don’t have to walk blind.  Heavenly Father loves us and wants to get back to him.



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15 05 2012
Alishka Babushka

I love this. You are so fantastic. :o)

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