Water Carnival

27 06 2012

On Monday, I was successful with an event at one of my pools.  I was asked to throw a Water Carnival Event during open swim.  I didn’t have a large budget, so I had to keep it small.  These are the events I did…

1. Lucky Ducks

As kids entered the pool.  The front desk had a large bucket full of ducks. Out of 60 ducks, 10 had stars on the bottom.  The child would choose a duck and if a star was located on the duck, they would receive a toy as a prize.

2. Ring Toss

I filled up water bottles with water and food coloring.  Kids could throw diving rings and try to get them around the water bottles. 1/3 got a small prize.  2/3 got a bigger prize.

3. Dry, Dry, Wet

This is a game based on Duck, Duck, Goose.  The child that is “IT” walks around with a cup of water.  They say “Dry” for those they are passing and “Wet” for the child who is chasing them around the circle.  On top of saying “wet” they dump the cup of water on them.

4. Lifeguard Skills

We pulled out our dummy, Timmy, and let the kids save him.  The more we have the kids see the dummy, the less freaked out they are when we throw Timmy in for the lifeguards to save.

5. Carnival Walk

I laid out numbers 1-10 on the ground.  As the lifeguard played Disney music, the kids walked/danced around the numbers.  When the music stopped, kids stopped on one number.  The lifeguard called out one number.  that number won a prize.

The whole event worked out nicely.  Everyone could play games, but also play in the pool.




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