What we Need More of. . .

26 07 2012

I was reading a little thought last night and totally realized it was true.  We need more porches in our lives.  Years ago, people would congregate on the porch to socialize, relax, and sip lemonade.  People were also more likely to walk around the neighborhood and wave to everyone they passed.

I suggest we try to bring back the atmosphere of the porch.  If you don’t have a porch, set up chairs and spend time outside with those you love.  Allow anyone to stop by to sit and visit.  This is a good way to promote a united community.

Be healthy, take a walk, develop relationships, and smile.  Put the ipod away and wave to everyone that you pass.



Utah is on Fire

8 07 2012

Utah is on Fire

This picture was taken about a week ago with the Alpine fire in the background.   I don’t know who took the picture but it is definitely a good one.  I know it has made its way around facebook.

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