Miracles with Blindness

23 10 2012

I know I have posted in a while.  However, I have still been thinking about some of the things I have seen.  Today, I want to focus on a scripture that has given me some inspiration.

John 9:1-3

1. And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.
2. And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?
3. Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, not his parents; but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.



I don’t have a physical ailment in the sense that I have lost use of any of my senses.  However, we all have something that can alter our ability to accomplish our goals.  We may have our faults, but Heavenly Father is on our side and can use those to help us know that he is with us.  In this specific story, Jesus Christ performed a miracle and gave sight to this man.

I have seen miracles of particular people battle their weaknesses and become great.  It is not my place to share those stories, but we know them.  

Heavenly Father is going to be there to manifest his love for each and every one of us.  We are all blind and coming unto The Father and his Son, Jesus Christ will open our eyes to our potential.  


What we Need More of. . .

26 07 2012

I was reading a little thought last night and totally realized it was true.  We need more porches in our lives.  Years ago, people would congregate on the porch to socialize, relax, and sip lemonade.  People were also more likely to walk around the neighborhood and wave to everyone they passed.

I suggest we try to bring back the atmosphere of the porch.  If you don’t have a porch, set up chairs and spend time outside with those you love.  Allow anyone to stop by to sit and visit.  This is a good way to promote a united community.

Be healthy, take a walk, develop relationships, and smile.  Put the ipod away and wave to everyone that you pass.


Utah is on Fire

8 07 2012

Utah is on Fire

This picture was taken about a week ago with the Alpine fire in the background.   I don’t know who took the picture but it is definitely a good one.  I know it has made its way around facebook.

Water Carnival

27 06 2012

On Monday, I was successful with an event at one of my pools.  I was asked to throw a Water Carnival Event during open swim.  I didn’t have a large budget, so I had to keep it small.  These are the events I did…

1. Lucky Ducks

As kids entered the pool.  The front desk had a large bucket full of ducks. Out of 60 ducks, 10 had stars on the bottom.  The child would choose a duck and if a star was located on the duck, they would receive a toy as a prize.

2. Ring Toss

I filled up water bottles with water and food coloring.  Kids could throw diving rings and try to get them around the water bottles. 1/3 got a small prize.  2/3 got a bigger prize.

3. Dry, Dry, Wet

This is a game based on Duck, Duck, Goose.  The child that is “IT” walks around with a cup of water.  They say “Dry” for those they are passing and “Wet” for the child who is chasing them around the circle.  On top of saying “wet” they dump the cup of water on them.

4. Lifeguard Skills

We pulled out our dummy, Timmy, and let the kids save him.  The more we have the kids see the dummy, the less freaked out they are when we throw Timmy in for the lifeguards to save.

5. Carnival Walk

I laid out numbers 1-10 on the ground.  As the lifeguard played Disney music, the kids walked/danced around the numbers.  When the music stopped, kids stopped on one number.  The lifeguard called out one number.  that number won a prize.

The whole event worked out nicely.  Everyone could play games, but also play in the pool.

The Simple Truth of Service

24 05 2012

Today, at Daybreak, we had Basic Leadership Training and each manager was asked to prepare a section of the presentation.  I had Guest Services, while the other managers had Interpersonal Skills, Training, and Risk Management.  I used this story for part of my section.


Abide in the Lord’s Territory!

20 05 2012

Abide in the Lord’s Territory
April 2012 Saturday Afternoon session
Elder Ulisses Soares
Of the Seventy

     This was a really good talk.  Looking at it now, I highlighted almost the entire talk.

1. President Thomas S. Monson said, “May I provide a simple formula by which you can measure the choices which contront you.  It’s easy to remember: You can’t be right by doing wrong: You can’t be wrong by doing right.”

What does it mean to do wrong/right.  Elder Soares shares a scripture from Galatians: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.  For he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.  And let us not be weary in well-doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint now.  Hopefully I didn’t lose you there.  The reason I shared this scripture is because Elder Soares goes on to add that “To sow in the Spirit means that all our thoughts, words, and actions must elevate us to the level of the divinity of our Heavenly Parents.  However, the scriptures refer to the flesh as the physical or carnal nature of the natural man, which allows people to be influenced by passion, desires, appetites, and drives of the flesh instead of looking for inspiration from the Holy Ghost.  Spirit=good, Flesh=wrong.

2. President George Albert Smith, repeating counsel from his grandfather, once said; “There is a line of demarcation well-defined between the Lord’s territory and the devil’s territory.  If you will stay on the Lord’s side of the line you will be under his influence and will have no desire to do wrong: but if you cross to the devil’s side of that line one inch you are in the tempter’s power and if he is successful, you will not be able to think or even reason properly because you will have lost the Spirit of the Lord.”

Therefor, our daily question must be, “Do my actions place me in the Lord’s or in the enemy’s territory?”

“The Light of Christ together with the companionship of the Holy Ghost must help us determine if our manner of living is placing us in the Lord’s territory or not.  If our attitudes are good, they are inspired of God, for every good thing comes from God.  However, if our attitudes are bad, we are being influenced by the enemy because he persuades men to do evil.”


Robin’s Testimony

Am I on the Lord’s Side?  I know I have that desire.  However, Satan is a tricky one and knows how to make me doubt my self-worth and ability to make those right decisions.  Tonight, I had a talk with an old roommate about this.  Heavenly Father knows exactly where we need to pushed and tried in order to reach our potential.  A diamond becomes a precious stone through years of constant pressure and heat.  We receive this pressure and heat through our trials.  If life were easy, would we grow or stay constant.

I’m Impressed

19 05 2012

At one of my places of employment, we have a very anti-mormon employee.  Supervisors have to keep an eye (or ear) out for him picking arguments.

Today was one of those days.  This employee started an argument with another employee.  This boy is 17 years old and about to graduate college.  I was so impressed with how he was able to quote so many scriptures (both bible and book of mormon)  He was also able to teach with the spirit on his side.  The argumentative employee didn’t lash out at him as much as he usually does.

The boy came to talk to me later about it and asked if he did ok.  For once, I didn’t feel like I needed to break up the argument and I told him that I was very impressed with how he approached everything.  He made an argument, a discussion where both sides felt like they were heard, and each grew from the experience.  I also admitted to him that I have never had a strong habit of reading or studying the scriptures because of the fact that I didn’t grow up with that habit.

I am impressed that even though all of the missionaries we send out are goofballs (what do you expect, they are 19) but with the spirit on their side, they will plant the seeds that are meant to be planted.

I have always been told that I would act as a tool in Heavenly Father’s hands.  How can I be a tool if I don’t prepare.  Heavenly Father can’t put thoughts in my mind if I won’t understand.  I need to do better with scripture study and that will start today.


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